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Building Regulations or Full Working Drawings?

November 2023

When the planning application for your home has been approved, your architect might ask you if you would like a Building Regulations or Working Drawings package - but what is the difference?

Building Regulations Drawings

This is the minimum package of information which will ensure your project can pass Building Control. It does not provide a comprehensive set of information and therefore the builder will need to make a lot of assumptions as they progress through the build.

We coordinate information with your structural engineer, but not your M&E consultant, quantity surveyor, landscape designer or interior designer.

What does the package include?

At Richmond Bell, a Building Regulations drawing pack includes a set of 1:50 and 1:20 drawings, but not necessarily1:5 details

It also does not include:

  • Window & Door Schedules

  • Setting Out Drawing

  • Specification of Works

  • Lighting & electrical plans 


Working Drawings

This is a comprehensive pack of information that would provide the builder with a more detailed set of drawings to build from. It will give you greater cost certainty, particularly on larger scale projects. We find that it’s these details that ‘make the project’. If the details are poorly implemented on site, then the final house can lose its architectural merit. 

What does the working drawings package of information include?

 We would coordinate with all consultants as listed above and produce:

  • 1:50 & 1:20 drawings

  • 1:5 detail drawings.

  • Window & Door Schedules

  • Setting Out Drawings

  • Specification of Works - most contractors undertaking a large scale project would expect to see this

  • Lighting & electrical plans

In summary the level of information produced at the Building Regulation stage is essentially the bare minimum required to build the project to the necessary standards. 

 The level of information produced for the Working Drawings phase of the project provides a much more detailed level of information. It has the following two main benefits over the Building Regulation package of information:

  • More cost certainty - the more detailed information allows the contractor to include more fixed price costs within the pricing schedule, rather than provisional sums (which could end up costing more than the budgeted amounts).

  • Quality and Control over design – as many of the key details will have been designed prior to the works starting the overall design will then be realised.

 We appreciate that there are budgetary restraints on all projects, however there are enormous benefits to committing to a Working Drawings package. By working with consultants and producing detailed drawings, Richmond Bell can ensure that the full potential of your project is attained.

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