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Richmond Bell Architects and the Environment

Richmond Bell are committed to improving the impact of the built world on the environment.

We continually try to develop our environmental performance and minimise the social impact and damage of our activities. We aim to raise the awareness of our clients about sustainability and environmental protection and help the members of the design team to develop a shared vision of environmental aspirations. The company does this in a number of ways.

For our clients we:

  • Suggest and incorporate sustainable energy solutions into our projects wherever possible. We assess each site for the potential to use solar/wind/alternative energy sources.

  • Design buildings which are energy efficient – conserving heat and reducing energy usage.

  • Minimise use of construction materials as much as practical.

  • Specify materials with a low environmental impact both during construction and when the building is in use. This could include new environmental technologies or the recycling of materials, particularly in older buildings.

  • Protect biodiversity, working with ecologists to minimise any impact on surrounding natural habitats.

  • Work with landscape designers to create site plans that are ecologically friendly.

  • Promote planting of new trees and rewilding the land and ensure clients are aware of the ecological benefits of features such as natural swimming pools.

  • Support our clients and contractors to make sure that all building systems are fully functioning and operate in accordance with the design intent.

In the office we:

  • Use recycled products as much as possible – even our loo roll is unbleached and recycled!

  • Recycle the majority of our waste.

  • Try to reduce the amount of printing we do by working electronically wherever it is safe and secure to do so.

  • Promote environmental awareness through discussions, online learning, product CPDs and events, educating ourselves on the innovations and developments in the industry.

  • Use public transport where practical and car share when we can.

  • Reduce our energy usage by conserving heat, turning out lights, and not leaving equipment on standby.

  • Have plenty of plants that clean the air, reduce noise levels and improve our mental and physical well-being, boosting creativity and keeping us healthy.

  • Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seeking substitutions when feasible. We then take reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when using, storing and disposing of such materials.

Read a full copy of our environmental policy.

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